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Diamond Minx "ARIES"

Diamond Minx "ARIES"

These mink lashes give you the perfect dramatic effect. They’re fluffy, light, and INSTANTLY take your look to the next level. With proper care you can re-wear them up to 25 times! They’re perfect for the on the go fashionista that’s leading a life of opulence and taking charge of any room they walk in.

  • Care Instructions

    Once you've ordered a pair of Jahnea'Lauren Beauty's Diamond Minx, you're sure tofall in love with them at first sight.. and first blink. We know you want them to last forever, and they can, when you follow these proper care instructions.

    - Never tug or pull at your Diamond Minx, you might loosen lash strands or pull the band apart completely. Gently remove them from their packaging and your eyes to ensure this doesn't happen.

    - Make sure you clean them in between wears, this will help them keep their pretty and fluffy appearance.

    - Be gentle when removing glue from the lash band.

    - After cleaning them you can use a blow dryer on low to help fluff them back to their original appearance.

    - Try to keep up with your Diamond Minx packaging. it will help to keep the lash band curved (and it's extremely cute).

    By following these instructions, you're sure to fall in love with your Diamond Minx with every blink everytime.

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